1.I’m considering____________(change) a new job. I will leave my new address in a few days.

2.It’s an ____________(education) experience for children to watch this movie.

3.There were 12 people ___________(kill) in the accident, ___________(include) two babies.

4.The beach is famous, ____________(especial) in summer.

5.What a ____________(thrill) game! The winner was in doubt until the last minute.

6.The village is far from the big city. It looks very ____________(peace).

7.He feels like____________(do) morning exercises every day.

8.Would you like____________(drink) some orange juice?

9.The girl felt very ____________(tire) and didn’t want to run any longer.

10.He said he ____________(be) a scientist some day.

11.It’s easy for the young girl ____________(work) out the problem.

12.____________(stand) here too long will make you ____________(tire).

13.I think you are supposed ________(ask) your parents for help when it is __________(need).

14.I would like ____________(travel) to an ____________(excite) place.

15.The MP3 costs only 300 yuan. I think it’s ____________(expensive). I can afford it.

16.We want to take a trip this summer somewhere in ____________(east) China.

17.Our teacher often tells us ____________(not talk) in class.

18.Don’t _________(do) it all by________(you) . Let Helen________(help)you ________(do) it.

19.Here are the ____________(find)of the survey.

20.The book needs ____________(read) again.

21.It’s very ____________(excite) to sail down the river.

22.It is ____________(report) that 200 people were killed in the accident.

23.The classroom was very________(noise) because some students are talking________(noise).

24.Could you please____________(not trouble) me and ____________(give) me a hand?

25.I would rather____________(not eat) anything that’s been___________(cook) in oil.

26.I prefer____________(get) together____________(discuss)this question.

27.There are many places of____________(interesting) near the city.

28.I hope you and Jim can enjoy____________(you) at the party.

29.He always supports charities because he thinks it’s__________(mean) to help people in need.

30.Old David lives with his family in a small house____________(quiet).

31.We got together to celebrate her grandma’s ____________(ninety) birthday.

32.Keep clean please. It is ____________(correct) to litter there.

33.The bridge that____________( be) built last year is very strong.

34.The books that ____________(be)written by Lu Xun____________(sell) well.

35.What’s the ____________(little) expensive way to travel, by train, by bus or by plane?

36.Daniel is interested in playing computer games and __ ____(chat) with friends on the Internet.

37.So far, this project ____________(help) poor young girls return to school.

38.Can you tell me when he____________(interview) the pop stars? In two days.

39.We’ll have a ____________(discuss)at two this afternoon.

40.The population in China is ____________(increase)very quickly.

41.Whose notebook is this? It must be my____________(uncle).

42.Wearing ____________(ear) is not good for school girls.

43.Try your best and you will ____________(successful).

44.—Grandmother fell down, —please call 120 and get the ____________(medicine) help first.

45.I would wait for the new student to introduce____________(her) to me.

46.Taking exercise can help you____________

47.There are many books on these____________(shelf).

48.Edison carried the boy to____________(safe).

49.He knows much about history. He is a ____________(knowledge) teacher.

50.Please turn off the lights before____________(leave) the room.

51.He went to school without____________(have) breakfast.

52.You can’t believe him, because he is ____________(honest).

53.He fell____________(sleep) before he took off his clothes.

54.The police caught a man ____________(try) to get into a shop through the window.

55.What a good person he is to ____________(get) on with!

56.Our teacher________(give) out the test papers this morning. I am sorry I __________(fail).

57.He is supposed ________(call) up ten people and ask them__________(come).

58.We’re going to ________(set) up a food bank _________(help) the poor. We need _________(come) up with


59.Clean-up Day is in two_______(week) time from now, we can’t put off ______(make) a plan.

60.Meimei plans ____________(travel) in the south of ____________(china).

61.He____________(spend) and hour ____________(read) every morning.

62.Long Zhou wants____________(be) a ____________(profession) ____________(sing).

63.Ming says he has ____________(meet) some____________(wonder) people at eh hospital.

64.I____________(run) out of my money last week. He____________(lend) me some.

65.He also put up some signs_________(ask) for old bikes and ________(ring) up all his friends.

66.Why can’t he stop____________(cry)? Because his grandpa died, he is too sad.

67.They want to help____________(able) soldiers.

68.Mr. Yang has____________(fill) our ____________(life) with ____________(please).

69.Lily is a friend of ____________(I), you are one of ____________(I) friends too.

70.My sister and I take turns____________(look after) my sick mother.

71.The movie is so exciting that the boy can’t stop____________(laugh).

72.We __________(ask) not to talk in class.

73.He remained __________(stand)though we asked him to sit down.

74.Japan is a __________(develop) country and India is a__________ county.

75.Potato chips__________(invent) by a man__________(call) George Crum.

76.Tree __________(leaf) begin to fall down when autumn falls.

77.He did the work as__________(care) as most of us.

78.Tea is one of __________(popular) drinks in the world today.

79.He added some__________(salt) on the food but it was still not__________.

80.What do you think is the __________(annoy) invention?

81.Henry Ford was the __________of the car. The car is a very helpful__________(invent).

82.The weather is so __________.I can’t stand the __________. (heat)

83.The factory __________lots of plastic__________.(produce)

84.Lots of __________(drink) water in our village has__________(pollute)

85.Qi Baishi was a __________ artist. He __________lots of works of art. (create)

86.The medicine should __________ ( take) before meals.

87.Great changes have __________(take place) in our city.

88.Nick__________(buy) a new camera. He has taken lots of pictures with it.

89.Mrs Green used to __________(go) to hospital, but now he is in good health.

90.He__________(have) the dictionary for about 20 years, But it is still new.

91.It__________(seem) you are right.

92.It’s very cold. I think it__________(rain).

93.He said that he__________(come) back in five minutes.

94.I didn’t meet him. He __________(leave) when I got there.

95.He__________(sit) down and began to read his newspaper.

96.He is not here. He __________(go) to the post office.

97.He is very hungry. He__________(not eat) anything for 4 days.

98.I__________(go)with you if I have time.

99.We will go to the cinema if it__________(rain) tomorrow.

100.I will tell her the news when she __________(come) to see me next week.

101.We __________(be) good friends since we met at school.

102.What __________ you __________ (do) at five yesterday afternoon?

103.The bike is nice. How much __________ it __________ (cost)?

104.It__________(be) 4 days since he arrived here.

105.I asked him if he__________(see) a whale blowing(吹气).

106.Jim__________(be ill) for a week when he was sent to the hospital.

107.They said they__________(see) the film.

108.The train__________(leave) when I arrived at the station.

109.He stood up, __________(take) his coat and__________(go) out.

110.When my father got home, it__________ already__________(stop) raining.

111.By the end of last week, I __________(be) to the farm twice.

112.He said that he__________(read) the book before.

113.Jim said he__________(work) in that factory since 1990.

114.Because he__________(lose) his keys, he can’t get into the house.

115.When I got to the cinema, the film__________(be) on for 5minutes.

116.Since last summer, over 10 people__________(lose) their lives in the accident.

117.When I arrived at the bookstore, all the books__________(sell) out.

118.The man __________in 2002. He__________ for 9 years. (die)

119.Our teacher told us that Columbus__________(discover) America in 1492.

120.I bought a radio but __________(lose) it.

121.Look! She__________(dance) with an old man.

122.By the time she woke up, it__________ already__________(stop) raining.

123.When she left the supermarket, she__________(spend) all her money.

1. Tom has lunch at school every day. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ Tom _________ lunch at school every day?

2. That dictionary cost him twenty yuan. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ that dictionary _________ him twenty yuan?

3. Did you do your homework at school yesterday?(改为陈述句)

I _________ _________ homework at school yesterday.

4. The foreign visitor comes from Russia.(用Australia完成选择疑问句)

_________ the foreign visitor come from Russia _________ _________? (改为反意疑问句) 5. You've never been out of China before.

You've never been out of China before, _________ _________? (改为反意疑问句) 6. You came here together. (改为反意疑问句)

You came here together, _________ _________?

7. There're more than ten pandas on the hill. (改为反意疑问句)

There're more than ten pandas on the hill, _________ _________?

8. Don't look out of the window.

Don't look out of the window, _________ _________?

9. All of us want him to rest.(改为完全否定句)

_________ of us _________ him to rest.

10. I think you are right.(改为否定句)

I _________ think you _________ right.

11. Tom is sitting on the desk.(改为否定祈使句)

_________ _________ on the desk, Tom!

12. The children are singing and dancing happily. (改为感叹句)

_________ _________ the children are singing and dancing!

13. The film is very interesting. (改为感叹句)

_________ _________ the film is!

14.Lisa used to eat candy all the time. (对画线部分提问)

________ _______ Lisa use to do all the time?

15. I study for a test by listening to the radio. (对划线部分提问)

__________ ___________ you ______________ for a test?

16. Maybe this pen is Obama’s. (就划线提问)

________ ________ this pen be?

17. The water was so dirty that we couldn't drink it.(改为简单句)

The water was _________ dirty for us _________ drink.

18. Does the shop close at six every day? Do you know?(改为复合句)

Do you know _________ the shop _________ at six every day?

19. Judy said, “I have decorated the house with lots of balloons.”(改为间接引语)

Judy said that decorated the house with lots of balloons.

20. I really don't know which book I should choose.(改为简单句)

I really don't know _________ _________ _________ _________.

21. “Does the girl need any help?” he asked me.(改为复合句)

He asked me _________ the girl _________ some help.

22. I don't know what to do next.(改为复合句)

I don't know what _________ _________ next.

23. He said, “I read the book before.”(改为间接引语)

He told me that he had read the book before.

24. The question isn't easy enough for them to answer.(改为复合句)

The question is _________ _________ that they _________ _________ it.

25. The man is very strong and he can carry the heavy bag. (改为简单句)

The man is _________ _________ to carry the heavy bag.

26. George has two cabbages. Mary has only one.(改为复合句)

George has ________ cabbages ________ Mary.

27. We won't have any lessons tomorrow because we'll have the sports meeting.(改为简单句)

We won't have any lessons tomorrow ________ _________ the sports meeting.

28. If you don't work hard, you won't pass the exam next time.(改为并列句)

_________ _________, _________ you will fail the exam next time.

29. Hurry up, and you'll catch the early bus.(改为复合句)

_________ _________ _________ _________, you'll catch the early bus.

30. Jessica would like to rent a house with a kitchen.(改为复合句)

Jessica would like to rent a house a kitchen.

31. A plane is a kind of machine and the machine can fly.( 同义句转换)

A plane can fly.

32. She wants to help the children. They are ill in hospital.(合并为复合句)

She wants to help the children_________ _________ill in hospital.

33.I love those cities. The cities are very enjoyable. (合并为一句)

I love those cities __________ ________ enjoyable.

34. The man is talking with a student. He gave us a talk last week..(改同义句)

The man ______ gave us a talk last week ____ talking with a student .

35. I think it my duty to write to you and thank you. (改为复合句)

I think it _________ my duty ________ write to you and thank you.

36.Did Johnson catch many fish yesterday?. (改为被动语态)

You should cover the cut with a clean cloth at once.(改为被动语态)

37.The cut should with a clean cloth at once.

They will put the donated money to good use.(改为被动语态)

38.The donated money will to good use.

Animal Helper has trained Lucky to help the disabled.(改为被动语态)

39. Lucky has __________ ___________ to help the disabled.

40. It used to take me a lot of time to stay outdoors at night in summer when I was young. (改为同义句)

I used to ______ a lot of time _____ outdoors at night in summer when I was young.

43. Tom would rather take a walk rather than stay at home .(改为同义句)

Tom prefferred ____________a walk to ____________home.

44. How can the eight-year-old boy save an adult? (改为同义句)

How can the boy of eight ____________ old save an adult’s _________

45. The scenery is strongly impressed on my mind.

I’m very___________ _______ the scenery.

46.What can we do with these books ?

________ can we ________ with these books?

47.Kelly usually keeps the window open when she sleeps.(改为同义句)

Kelly usually sleeps the window .

48.The poor mother doesn’t have enough money to send her child to school. (改为同义句)

The poor mother can’t pay for her child’s education.

49. What will you do if your parents don’t allow you to join us?(改为同义句)

your parents don’t allow you to join us?

50. Social situations don’t bother you at all if you are confident enough. (改为同义句)

Social situations don’t bother you if you are confident enough.

51. Work hard, or you’ll make me disappointed. (改为同义句)

Work hard, or you’ll .

52. I would hurry to call the hospital if I saw an accident in the street. (改为同义句)

I would call the hospital if I saw an accident in the


53. Her money ran out in the bookstore. (同义句)

His money was ________ _________ .

54. You are from Beijing. I’m from Beijing ,too.(同义句)

________ ________ you _________ ________I am from Beijing .

55.Our school football team won the prize for the football match yesterday.(同义句)

The Price of the football match _______ _______our school football team yesterday.

56.You should shake hands when you meet someone in China for the first time. ( 改为同义句)

You ___ ___ ___ __hands when you meet someone in China for the first time

57.The coat is too expensive for me. (改为同义句)

The coat ______ ______ ______ ______ me .

58. Who is the owner of the red bicycle?

Who ________ the red bicycle __________ ____________? (同义句)

59. They have run out of all the paper already. (同义句)

They have ________ ________ all the paper already.

60.Tina and Peter got married two years ago. (改为同义句)

Tina_____ _____ ______Peter two years ago.

61. My car broke down yesterday. I can’t go there with you. (改为同义句)

There was _____________- with my car yesterday. I can’t go there with you.

62. Her parents often provide lots of money for her. (改为同义句)

Her parents often ________ _______ _________ lots of money.

63.You shouldn’t behave like that at the table.(同义句)

You ________ _________ to behave like that at the table.

64. How was your visit to France last month?

________ was your visit to France ________ last month? (同义句)

65. My French has become better. (同义句)

My French has ________.

66. Lucy has made up her mind that she won’t do that again.(同义句)

Lucy has _______ _______ to do that again.

67. I'm sure that man is Mr. Green. (同义句)

That man ________ ________ Mr. Green.

68. It began to rain so they didn't go window-shopping. (同义句)

They didn't go window-shopping ________ ________ the rain.


1. Nancy is too young to dress herself.

Nancy is not _____ _____ to dress herself.

2. My watch doesn't work well. There is ____ _____ _______ my watch.

3. Jane doesn't go to work by bus any longer.

Jane ____ _____ _____ to work by bus.

4. It took Mary two weeks to prepare for the exam.

Mary _____two weeks____ ______ for the exam.

5. It seems that they have known each other. They seem to _____ _____ each other.

6. "My grandpa doesn't like coffee or c oke” said Bob

Bob said that _____grandpa liked _____coffee _____coke.

7. Cao Fei joined the League three years ago.

Cao Fei _____ ____ _____ the League for three years.

8. I prefer walking there to going by bus.

I prefer to walk there ____ _____ going by bus.

9. -Thank you very much. -You're welcome. - ____ a lot. -Not at____ .

10. Kitty does well in English. Kitty ____ ____ ____ English.

11. They realized Hainan was a beautiful place after they reached there.

They____ realize Hainan was a beautiful place_____ they reached there.

12. We will have to finish the work hardly if you don't help us.

We can't finish the work _____ _____ ______

13. My dictionary isn't so thick as yours. My dictionary is _____ than yours.

14. Could you tell me where the East Street Hospital is?

Excuse me, ____ is the _____ to the East Street Hospital?

15. The book is exciting to read. It is ____ _____ read the book.

16. Jack's mother asked him, "Have you packed your things?"

Jack's mother asked him ____ he ____ packed his things.

17. She likes singing better than dancing. She ____ singing ____ dancing.

18. Remember to ring me up as soon as you get to Nanjing

Make ____ to give me a ring as soon as you _____ Nanjing.

19. They couldn't catch the train because of the heavy traffic.

The heavy traffic _____ them from _____ the train.

20. My brother has been away from home for two days.

My brother _____ home two days _____ .

21. Li Lei decided to move to Canada when he was thirty.

Li Lei made a _____ to move to Canada at the _____ of thirty.

22. Jim was too careless to pass the exam last term.

Jim was not_____ _____ to pass the exam last term.

23. If you don't hurry up, you can't catch the train.

Hurry up, _____ you may _____ the train.

24. Yang Li wei said to us, "I'm going to visit your school tomorrow. " We were all pleased. We were all pleased when we heard Yang Li wei_____ visit_____ school the next day.

25. This is the most interesting film I have ever seen.

I have ____seen _____ an interesting film before.

26. I was late for school because of the traffic accident.

The traffic accident _____ me _____ getting to school on time.

27. The books on the bookshelf are not difficult to reach.

____ _____ to reach the book on the bookshelf.

28. All the pupils have read this storybook. Their English teacher has read this storybook, too. ____ _____ all the pupils _____ _____ their English teacher has read this storybook.

29. Mike's car is much more expensive than Susan's.

Susan's car is ____ ______ than_____ .

30. Lucy sings beautifully, and so does Lily. ____ Lucy ____Lily sing beautifully.

31. We didn't take a rest. We went on working.

We went on working____ _____ taking a rest.

32. Lesson 8 is very difficult. He can't understand it.

Lesson 8 is _____difficult for him ______ understand.

33.We were surprised that the little girl could draw so well.

____ ____ ______ the little girl could draw very well.

34. They took the boy to hospital, as soon as they could.

The boy_____ _____ to hospital as soon as____

35. The girl was very nervous so that she didn't know what she should say at the meeting. The girl was very nervous so that she didn't know what____ _____ at the meeting.

II. 改写句子,使其与原句意思相同或相近,每空一词。

1.Something is wrong with my radio. I′ll ask someone to mend it at once.

There’s something wrong with my radio. I′ll ______ it ______ at once.

2.Sometimes he keeps working and doesn’t have any rest.

Sometimes he keeps working ______ ______.

3.Taking exercise often can make you healthy.

It’s good ________ your ________to take exercise often.

4.My father seems to be very angry.

________ seems that my father ________ very angry.

5.Hurry up, and you’ll be on time for the party.

________ you ________ hurry, you’ll be late for the party.

http://m.doczj.com/doc/64d17e1b0b4e767f5acfceaf.htmlrade Wu is so careless that he can′t do the job well.

Comrade Wu isn’t ______ ______ to do the job well.

7.What do you think of the colour TV set?

______ do you ______ the colour TV set?

8.It′s eleven o′clock. He will be back at twelve.

He will be back ______ ______ ______.

9.The box is too heavy for us to carry.

The box is ______ heavy ______ we carry it.

10.The colour TV set cost me 2800yuan.

I 2800 yuan the colour TV set.

11.He spent three days going over his lessons.

It ______ him three days ______ ______ over his lessons.

12.She got here this time last month. and she is still here.

She has been here ______ ______ ______.

13.Jack got up fifteen minutes ago.

Jack ______ ______ ______ for fifteen minutes.

14. He came back yesterday afternoon. I gave him the note at once.

I gave the note to him ______ ______ ______ he came back yesterday.

15.She turned on the radio to make the baby not cry any more.

She turned on the radio she could stop the baby crying any more.

16.The ice cream will melt, so you’d better put it in the fridge at once.

The ice cream will melt you put it in the fridge at once.

17.Betty likes taking a bus to work. She likes taking an underground to wok better. Betty taking an underground taking a bus to work

18.Do you know how I can fill in the form.

Do you know how ______ ______ in the form?

19.To be polite is very important.

very important to be polite.

20.I don’t like the people. They smoke a lot.

I don’t like the people a lot.