51. Nothing can _________ the young mother for the loss of her

favorite daughter.

A. compensate

B. competent

C. complement 补充

D. compliment称赞

52. Our monitor is good at shorthand速记, so he was _________ to

take notes for the meeting.

A. submitted

B. designed

C. assigned

D. subjected

53. It is highly desirable that every effort _________to reduce

pollution in Beijing.

A. was made

B. be made

C. will be made

D. would be made

54. The plane got _________ control and crashed.

A. under

B. in

C. over

D. out of

55. He __________ all his success to the leadership of the party.

A. distributes

B. attributes

C. contributes

D. attaches

56. She decided to _________ the job when she found that the

company needs constant overtime work.

A. leave

B. give in

C. quit

D. escape

57. The company promised _________ delivery but we didn’t

receive the goods now two months later.

A. instant

B. rapid

C. fast

D. prompt

58. You would be ________ a risk to let your child go to school by himself.

A. omitting

B. attaching

C. affording

D. running

59. Although a teenager, Fred could resist ___________ what to do

and what not to do.

A. being told

B. telling

C. to be told

D. to tell

60. I want to give up because I can’t see a __________ chance of success.

A. slip

B. slim

C. tiny

D. few

61. Only under special circumstances _________to take make-up tests.

A. are freshmen permitted

B. freshmen are permitted

C. permitted are freshmen

D. are permitted freshmen

62. Please make a ________ for a room for Mr. Smith at the hotel.

A. claim

B. revision

C. reservation

D. mess

63. In real life it is not as easy as in films to _________good from evil.

A. distinguish

B. dignify

C. define

D. detect

64. A good language learner can be __________ of his teacher.

A. dependent

B. detached

C. independent

D. indifferent

65. If medicine supplies are short, children will be given __________ .

A. advantage

B. benefit

C. priority

D. right

51.A 52.C 53.B 54.D 55.B

56.C 57.D 58.D 59.A 60.B

61.A 62.C 63.A 64.C 65.C

51. The rain was heavy and _________ the land was flooded.

A. consequently

B. constantly

C. continuously

D. consistently

53. The government has devoted a larger slice of its national

_________ to agriculture than most other countries.

A. resources

B. potential

C. budget

D. economy

54. ________ they need to spend the winter is food and clothes.

A. All what

B. That all

C. What

D. That

55. Many people like white color as it is a _________ of purity.

A. symbol

B. sign

C. signal

D. symptom

56. The job _______ traveling abroad for three months each year.

A. involved

B. included

C. consisted

D. concluded

57. You can’t get there ________ by swimming.

A. more than

B. as

C. less than

D. other than

58. Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly criticized

and argue that the power of the medium is _________.

A. granted

B. exaggerated

C. implied

D. remedied

59. Not until the game had begun _________ at the sports ground.

A. should he have arrived

B. had he arrived

C. would he have arrived

D. did he arrive

60. He _________ his friend for this job.

A. prompted

B. recommended

C. suggested

D. advised

63. If medicine supplies are short, children will be given _________ .

A. priority

B. benefit

C. advantage

D. right

64. If people feel hopeless, they don’t bother to _________ the skills

they need to succeed.

A. adopt

B. accumulate

C. assemble

D. acquire

65. I’m sure he is up to the job________ he would give his mind to it.

A. if only

B. in case

C. until

D. unless

51.A 52.D 53.C 54.C 55.A

56.A 57.D 58.B 59.D 60.B

61.C 62.B 63.A 64.D 65.A

51. Hard work together with perseverance _________ to his success.

A. attributed

B. distributed

C. contributed

D. devoted

52. His film caused a _________ in America.

A. sting

B. stir

C. stun

D. stitch

53. The committee recommends he _________ the new financial manger.

A. will be

B. is

C. shall be

D. be

54. There are always some parts of your life ________ which you

can have little or no control.

A. through

B. over

C. for

D. by

55. People concerned about cholesterol levels are suggested to _______

on meat.

A. cut away

B. cut off

C. cut down

D. cut in

58. It is not interesting at all, _________ it is extremely boring.

A. on the other hand

B. instead of

C. on the contrary

D. in contrast

59. He _________ knowing anything about the corruption.

A. refused

B. rejected

C. desired

D. denied

60. As the saying goes: the end justified 认为---合理the _________.

A. mean

B. methods

C. means

D. ways

61. Life-long ________ to one’s company is advocated in the Japanese society.

A. comment

B. commitment投入,贡献

C. promise

D. guarantee

62. This office has a very modern _________ though it has an

old-fashioned appearance.

A. exterior

B. interior

C. superior

D. inferior

64. If you want to learn English, you must first find a _________ teacher.

A. able 指具有明显地超出平均水平的能力

B. desirable


D. significant

65. Jane was the only one who ________ all the conditions:

she was of the required age, height and degree.

A. fulfilled

B. recovered

C. appreciated

D. rejected

51.C 52.B 53.D 54.B 55.C

56.A 57.D 58.C 59.D 60.C

61.B 62.B 63.C 64.C 65.A

52. In western countries, it is the _________ for men to wear suits

on formal occasions.

A) conviction B) convention

C) confession D) concession

53. We ______ his idea for a music club, and decided to have an art

club instead.

A) turned B) rejected

C) accepted D)isolated

54. Our racial and cultural difference _________ our friendship and taught us a great deal

about life.

A) enhanced B) demoted

C) eliminated D) updated

55.Television sometimes has a negative ______ on children.

A) affect B) effect

C) perfect D) defect

56. A good dictionary can tell the _______ distinctions区别between meanings of synonyms同义词.

A) clear B) subtle

C) acute D) sharp

59. I lost my wallet and now I am ______ penniless.

A) literally B) literarily

C) directly D) completely

63. Your usual teacher has lost his voice and ____ I am taking his place today.

A) nevertheless B) however

C) accordingly D) moreover

64. We would never have secured our independence without the aid帮助

you ____.

A) rendered 给与,提供 B) requested

C) presented D) pursued

65. It has always ____ me why you believe the Earth is flat.平的

A) annoyed B) misled

C) puzzled D) wondered