1.I am sorry,but I have a question to __C__ you.


A) treat (治疗)B) influence(影响)C) ask(问)D) change(改变)2.Please give us the reason __A__ the goods were delayed.


A) why B) which C) what D) how

3.Peter will __B__ the job as Sales Manager when John retires.


A) put away(抛弃)B) take over(接管)C) work out(算出)D) make up(组成)4.There is no doubt __C__ he is a good employee.


A) as B) who C) that D) what

5.I f eel it’s a great honor for me ___D__ to this party.


A) to invite B) invite C) having invited D) to be invited

6.Don’t __D___ me to help you if you are not working hard.


A) guess(猜测)B) speak (说)C) plan(计划)D) expect(期望)

7.It was two years ago __A___ his sister became a doctor.


A) that B) where C) who D) what

8.The general manager has promised to __B___ the matter in person.


A) get up(起床)B) look into(调查)C) see off(送行)D) put on(穿上)

9.If you move,you must inform us ___D__ the change of your address .


A) with B) for C) in D) of

10.__C___ his lecture is short,it gives us a clear picture of the new program.


A) If(如果)B) Because(因为)C) Although(尽管) D) When

11. How much does it ___A_____ to take the online training course?


A) cost B) give C) pay D) spend

12. If you need more information, please contact us ____B____ telephone or email.


A) in B) by C) on D) for

13. Mr. Smith used to smoke ____C____ but he has given it up recently.


A) immediately(立即地)(B) roughly (粗粗地)(C) heavily(猛烈地) (D) completely(完全地)

14. He was speaking so fast ____D____ we could hardly follow him.


A) what B) as C) but D) that

15. Please call me back ____D____ you see this message.


A) as well as B) as early as C) as far as D) as soon as

16. We haven’t enough rooms for everyone, so some of you will have to ____A____ a room.


A) share(共享)B) stay(逗留)C) spare (多余的)D) live

17. Before ___B_____ for the job, you will be required to take a language test.


A) apply B) applying C) applied D) to apply

18. If you want to join the club, you’ll have to _____C___ this form first.


A) put up(举起)B) try out (实验)C) fill in(填写)D) set up (建立)

19. ___B___ the rain stops before 12 o’clock, we will have to cancel the game.


A) As B) Since C) While D) Unless

20. As the price of oil keeps ____B____, people have to pay more for driving a car.


A) to go up B) going up C) gone up D) go up

21. What are the essential differences _____A______ selling and marketing?


A) between B) from C) among D) for

22. Jack called the airline to _____C______ his flight to Beijing this morning.


A) improve(提高)B) believe(认为)C) confirm(确认)D) insure(确保)

23. It was in the year of 2002_____B______they set up a branch company in China.


A) as B) that C) what D) which

24. You’d better _____D______advice before making a project plan.


A) put down(放下)B) take in(接受)C) turn out(结果是)D) ask for(寻找)

25. Young people now live a life-style _____A______their parents could hardly dream of.


A) which B) why C) when D) where

26. While traveling in France, he _____B_____some everyday French.


A) gave up(放弃)B) picked up(学会)C) drew up(起草)D) got up(起床)

27. Hardly ____D______ at the office when the telephone rang.


A) I arrived B) I had arrived C) did I arrive D) had I arrived

28. To work ____C______with the machine,you must read the instructions carefully.


A) firstly(首先)B) naturally(自然地)C) efficiently(有效地)D) generally (通常地)

29. We’ll have to continue the discussion tomorrow _____A_____we can make a final decision today.


A) unless(除非)B) because C) when D) since

30. If you have three years’ work experience,you will be the right ___A___ for this job.


A) person B) passenger(旅客)C) tourist(旅行者) D) customer(顾客)

31. The newspaper ____A____ two people were killed in the accident.


A) says(说)B) talks(讨论)C) calls(呼叫)D) asks(问)

32. She told us briefly about how they succeeded in ____D____ the new product.

(她简单地告诉我们,她们在这新产品中是怎样成功的,succeeded in后接ing形式)

A) develop B) to develop C) developed D) developing

33. The big IT company will ____A____ a new research center in the city.


A) set up (建立)B) break up(打破)C) get up (起床)D) turn up (出现)

34. I ____A____ at 130 kilometers per hour when the policeman stopped me.


A) had driven B) have driven C) drive D) was driving

35. Information about the new system is easy to ____C____ on the Internet.


A) like B) go C) find D) open

36. I’d like to introdu ce you _____B___ James Stewart, the new manager of our department.


Introduce sb to sb固定搭配)

A) with B) to C) of D) on

37. We had a(n) ___D_____ with him about this problem last night.


A) explanation(说明)B) impression(印象) C) exhibition(展览) D) discussion (讨论)

38. We talked for more than three hours without ___B_____ a cup of tea.


A) to have B) having C) have D) had

39. They had to give up the plan because they had ____C____ money.


A) come up to(达到)B) got along with(和睦共处)C) run out of(用完)D) taken charge of (负责)

40. ____A____ she joined the company only a year ago, she’s already been promoted twice.


A) Although(尽管)B) Because C) If D) When

41. Please keep a detailed ____D____ of the work that you have done.


A) paper(纸)B) idea(想法)C) exercise(运动)D) record(记录)

42. ___C_____ our great surprise, the new secretary can speak four foreign languages.

(让我们很惊讶是,这个新来的秘书会讲4种外语,to sb surprise固定搭配)

A) Of B) In C) To D) For

43. The department manager ___B_____ a new plan to promote sales at the meeting.


A) took away(带走) B) put forward(提出) C) looked after(照顾)D) got on (进步)

44. What he told me to do was ____D____ I should get fully prepared before the interview.


A) what B) if C) which D) that

45. When dealing with a ____A____ task, Alice always asks for help from people around her.


A) difficult(困难的)B) wonderful(极好的)C) funny(有趣的) D) simple(简单的)

46. Location is the first thing customers consider when ____A____ to buy a house.


A) planning B) planned C) to plan D) having planned

47. Soft drink sales in this city have ____C____ by 8% compared with last year.


A) picked(采摘)B) moved(移动)C) increased(增加)D) pushed (推)

48. If I hadn’t attended an important meeting yesterday, I ____B____ to see you.


A) will have come B) would have come C) have come D) had come

49. To obtain a visa to enter that country for the first time, you need to apply ___B_____.


A) in part(部分地)B) in person (亲自) C) in turn(轮流)D) in place(在适当的地方)

50. The new model of the car was put into production in 2007, ____D____ helped to provide another 1400 jobs.


A) that B) when C) what D) which

Section B

Directions: There are 50 incomplete statements here. You should fill in each blank with the proper form of the word given in brackets. Write the word or words in the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet.

1.Thomas was cheerful and(help) _helpful_,and we soon became good friends.

(由cheerful and可知需要填形容词)

2.The goods that you ordered ten days ago will(deliver) ___be delivered__ to you tomorrow.(货物是被送递)

3.Gas prices are(high) _higher_ here than in other parts of the country.


4.The past decade has seen great economic(develop) _development__ in this country.


5.If the engineer(come) _came__ here yesterday,the problem would have been solved.


6.While this new law does not(direct) _directly_ affect the quality of work,it will greatly benefit employees.(修饰形容词affect,需要用副词)

7.Now many young people spend several hours a day(talk) __talking___ on a mobile phone.


8.In China,it is quite(nature) _naturel_ for people to go back home for the Spring Festival.


9.The manager was surprised at the news when he(receive) __received__ the phone call yesterday.(对事实的陈述)

10.Advances in medical technology have made it possible for people(live) to_live_ longer.(it possible for sb to do sth,为固定用法)

11. What a (wonder) __wonderful__ party it was! I enjoyed every minute of it.


12. The film turned out to be (successful) __more successful__ than we had expected.


13. Readers are not allowed (bring) __to bring_ food and drinks into the Library at any time.

(allow to do sth,为固定用法)

14. The manager has promised that she will deal with the matter (immediate) __immediately__.

(修饰动词(deal with),需要用副词形式)

15. We are looking forward to (work) __working__ with you in the future.

(looking forward to后面接ing形式)

16. Today email has become an important means of (communicate) __communication___ in daily life.


17. The visitors were (disappoint) _disappointed__ to find the museum closed when they rushed there.


18. Because of the (improve) _unimproved_ in the road conditions, there have been accidents recently. (注


19. When you arrive tomorrow, my secretary (meet) __will meet___ you at the airport.


20. John has worked as a sales manager since he (join) _joined____ this company in 2002.


21. It is reported that the sports meet was (successful)_successfully__organized.


22. Some people think (much)__more___about their rights than about their duties.


23. It is reported that foreign car sales in the country (rise)___have_rised___by 8% last year.


24. The adviser recommended that Mary(start)_ start _ the training program as soon as possible.( recommended


25. The job pays well and you get a 20 - day holiday a year, it’s certainly an(attract)_attractant _offer.(用形容词


26. It (announce)_was announced____yesterday the game was to start in a week.


27. Because man people will come to the meeting, we need some (addition) additional _ chairs.


28. No reader is allowed(take)__to take__ any reference book out of the reading-room.

(allow to do sth,固定用法,动词之间用to隔开)

29. The course is designed to provide a general introduction to computers and(practice)_practiced__skills

training. (从红色字可以看出并列关系)

30. We’ve only got one day in Paris,so we’d better(make)make___the best use of the time.

(had better后面接动词原形)

31. The new (nation) ___national____ museum will be open to the public next week.


32. This question is (difficult) ___more difficult___ than the one I have answered.


33. The secretary has been working for the same (manage) __manager___ for over 5 years.


34. The hotel, (build) _Having been_built___ 100 years ago, still looks new.


35. We are pleased to learn that that problem (solve) ___was solved___ at yesterday’s meeting.


36. I want (point out) __to point out___ that a decision about the matter must be made at once.

(want to do sth,固定用法)

37. Although she is young for the job, she is very (experience) _experienced_.


38. The new rules for environmental protection have been (wide) _widely____ accepted by the public.


39. We demand that the tour guide (tell) _tell__us immediately about any change in the schedule.( demand that


40. Thank you for your letter of November 15, (invite) _inviting__ us to the trade fair on December 10.

(thank you for……doing sth ,固定用法)

41. My impression is that the sales of this company have (great) ___greatly___ increased this year.


42. This picture (take) _was taken_____ by a young reporter in Beijing last month.


43. Tom has made the (decide) decision______ to apply for a job in the company.


44. No reader is allowed (take) ___to take____ any reference book out of the reading room.

(allow to do sth,固定用法)

45. Although you may not (success) _successful____ in the beginning, you should keep on trying.


46. Because light travels (fast) _faster__ than sound, lightning is seen before thunder (雷) is heard.


47. The doctor recommended that Mary (start) _ start____ the health program as soon as possible.

( recommended that 后面接动词原形)

48. It took me several weeks to get used to (drive) _driving___ on the left side of the road in London.

(get used to doing,习惯做某事,固定用法)

49. This medicine is highly (effect) _effective __ in treating skin cancer if it is applied early enough.


50. Now the number of people who are working at home on the Internet (be) __is__ still very small. (Now the number of people后面动词用单数,也是固定用法)


Section 2

Directions: The following is an advertisement. After reading it, you should complete the information by filling in the blanks (in no more than 3 words) in the table below.

Task 1

Dear Sirs,

I’m writing to tell you that your latest shipment(装运) of apples is not up to the standard we expected from you.Many of them are bruised(擦伤),and more than half are coved with little spots. They are classed as Grade A, but I think there must have some mistake,as they are definitely not Grade A apples.

We have always been satisfied with the quality of your produce(农产品),which makes this case all the more puzzling.I would be grateful if you could look into the matter.We would be happy to keep the apples and try to sell them at a reduced price,but in that case we would obviously need a credit(部分退款) from you.Alternatively,you could collect them and replace them with apples of the right quality.Would you please phone me to let me know how you want to handle it?

Yours faithfully,

Fiona Stockton

Fiona Stockton

Purchasing Manager A letter of Complaint

Produce involved: Grade A apples .

Causes of complaint:

1. may of the apples are bruised

2. more than half of the apples are covered with little spots

Suggested solutions:

1.allow to sell at a reduced price and give a credit, or

2.collect them and replace them with apples of the right quality .

Task 2

Hard Work, Good Money

We need:

Staff (员工) to work in a busy operations center.

You to be working in Hangzhou.

We are:

A rapidly expanding international IT company.

Based in the UK and USA, with 500 employees worldwide.

We want to:

Recruit (招聘) staff for our office in Hangzhou.

Recruit 30 staff members in the first year.

You should be:


A college graduate, majoring in Computer Science;

Flexible, efficient, active;

Willing to work in Hangzhou;

Able to work unusual hours, e.g. 7 p.m. to 3 a.m.

You should have:

Good basic English language skills, holding Level-A Certificate of Practical English Test for Colleges (PRETCO).

Keyboard skills.

Way to contact us:


For more details about the job, please visit our website: http://m.doczj.com/doc/c68e54d133d4b14e8524680c.html.

A Job Advertisement

Recruitment: staff to work in an operations center

Work place: Hangzhou

Qualifications (资格):

Education: college graduate majoring in Computer Science

Foreign language: English, with Level-A Certificate of PRETCO

Personal qualities: flexible, efficient , active

Working hours: unusual , e.g. 7 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Way to get details about the job: visit the website: http://m.doczj.com/doc/c68e54d133d4b14e8524680c.html.

Task 3

E-mail or call Tip Line(举报热线)

Have you seen a crime being committed(犯罪)on a bus,train,or near a bus stop,or train station? If you do,email US or call Tip Line.

Tip Line

If you would rather give your information by telephone,call the Police Tip Line at 612-349-7222.You can leave information anonymously(匿名地)or leave your name and phone number and an officer will call you back.

Call and officer

You can speak directly to any Police Department staff member who receives the call weekdays.8:00 to 16:00. Call 612-349—7200.

Contact the Chief

If you haven’t received any reply to your Tip Line information for half a day,directly call 612-349-7I00 or email:chief@http://m.doczj.com/doc/c68e54d133d4b14e8524680c.html

Report on a Crime

Use Tip Line

1. Tip Line number:612-349-7222

2. Ways of reporting:

1) Give information anonymously;

2) Leave your name and telephone number,and wait for an officer to call you back .

Call the Police Directly

1. Service time:weekdays, 8:00 to 16:00

2. Telephone number: 612-349—7200

Contact the Chief

1. Reason:receiving no reply to your Tip Line information for half a day.

2. Telephone number:612-349-7100

3. Email:chief@http://m.doczj.com/doc/c68e54d133d4b14e8524680c.html

Task 4

Dear Ms. Rennick:

Professor Saul Wilder, an adviser to your firm, has informed me that your company is looking for someone with excellent communication skills,organizational experience, and leadership background for a management position. I believe that my enclosed résumé will show that I have the qualifications (资历) and experience you seek. In addition, I’d like to mention how my work experience as a sales manager last summer makes me a particularly strong candidate for the position.

I would be grateful if you can offer me an opportunity for an interview with you. If you are interested, please contact me at (317) 555-0118any time before 11:00 a.m., or feel free to leave a message. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the ways my skills may best serve your company.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Smith

An Application Letter

Applicant: Richard Smith

Position applied for: a management position

Qualifications required for the position:

1. excellent communication skills

2. organizational experience

3. leadership background

Work experience (last summer): as a sales manager

Contact number: (317) 555-0118

Enclosure: résumé

Task 5

2 November, 2008

Dear Dr. Yamata,

The Association of Asian Economic Studies is pleased to invite you to be this year’s guest speaker at its annual international symposium (研讨会). The symposium will be held for 3 days from December 22nd to 24th, 2008. This year’s topic will be Economic Development in Asia. About 100 people from various countries will be attending the symposium. They would be pleased to meet you and share their views with you.

The Association will cover all the expenses of your trip to this symposium.

As the program is to be announced on December 1st, 2008, will you kindly let us know before that time whether your busy schedule will allow you to attend our symposium? We are looking forward to your favorable reply.

Yours sincerely,

John Smith

Secretary of Association of Asian Economic Studies

Letter of Invitation

Writer of the letter: John Smith

Organizer of the Symposium: Association of Asian Economic Studies.

Guest speaker to be invited: Dr. Yamata

Starting date of the symposium: December 22nd,2008

Number of guests invited: about 100 people.

Topic of the symposium: Economic Development in Asia

Section 3

Directions: The following is a list of terms related to employment. After reading it, you are required to find the items equivalent to (与…等同) those given in Chinese in the table below. Then you should put the corresponding letters in the brackets on the Answer Sheet.

Task 1

A—Guard against damp.B--Handle with care.

C—Keep away from heat.D—Keep away from cold.

E—Keep dry.F—Keep flat.

G—No naked fire.H—No use of hooks.

I—Not to be thrown down.J—Open here.

K—Open in dark room.L—Protect against breakage.

M—Poison.N—Take care.

O一This side up.P—To be kept upright.

Q—Use no knives.


1.( C )远离热源( Q )请勿用刀

2.( O )此面朝上( J )此处开启

3.( P )竖立安放( K )暗室开启

4.( B )小心轻放( F )注意平放

5.( I )不可抛掷( E )保持干燥

Task 2

A --------------- annual bonus

B --------------- basic salary

C --------------- benefit

D --------------- commission

E --------------- head hunter

F --------------- health insurance

G --------------- housing fund

H --------------- job center

I --------------- job fair J --------------- job offer

K --------------- labor market

L --------------- labor contract

M --------------- minimum wage

N --------------- retirement insurance

O --------------- trial period

P --------------- unemployment insurance Q --------------- welfare

Examples: (A) 年终奖(O) 试用期

6. ( I ) 招聘会( M ) 最低工资

7. ( L ) 劳动合同( Q ) 福利

8. ( N ) 养老保险( G ) 住房基金

9. ( E ) 猎头( B ) 基本工资

10. ( K ) 劳务市场( P ) 失业保险

Task 3

A—breeze B—calm sea C—clear up D—dry E—fog F—heavy snow G—high seas H—light rain I—partly cloudy J—shower K—southeast wind L—storm M—the highs N—the lows

O一typhoon P—wet Q—windy

Examples:(A) 微风(O)台风

11.( C )天气放晴( F )大雪

12.( M )最高温度( I )局部多云

13.( K )东南风( H )小雨

14.( E )有雾( G )海面大浪

15.( D )天气干燥( L )暴风雨Task 4

A —— after-sales service

B —— business license

C —— business risk

D —— dead stock

E —— department store

F —— import license

G —— limited company

H —— net weight

I —— packing charge J —— price tag

K —— purchasing power L ——seller’s market

M —— shipping date

N —— shopping rush

O —— show window

P —— supermarket

Q —— trade agreement

Examples: ( D ) 滞销品( I ) 包装费

16. ( H ) 净重( E ) 百货商店

17. ( K ) 购买力( C ) 商业风险

18. ( P ) 超级市场( L ) 卖方市场

19. ( G ) 有限公司( A ) 售后服务

20. ( M ) 装船日期( F ) 进口许可证Task 5

A —— original office

B —— accepted date

C —— posting stamp

D —— delivery stamp

E —— company name

F ——sender’s address

G —— customer code H —— document

I —— parcel

J —— name of contents K —— insurance amount L ——sender’s signature M —— postal code

N —— insurance fee

O —— total charge

P ——receiver’s signature Q —— remark

Examples: (D) 投递日戳(L) 交寄人签名

21. ( O ) 费用总计( B ) 收寄日期

22. ( H ) 文件资料( M ) 邮政编码

23. ( G ) 用户代码( P ) 收件人签名

24. ( J ) 内件品名( F ) 发件人地址

25. ( C ) 收寄日戳( E ) 单位名称

Task 1

Online advertising is the means of selling a product on the Internet.With the arrival of the Internet,the business world has become digitalized(数字化)and people prefer buying things online,which is easier and faster.Online advertising is also known as e-advertising.It offers a great variety of services,which can not be offered by any other way of advertising.One major benefit of online advertising is the immediate spread of information that is not limited by geography or time.Online advertising can be viewed day and night throughout the world. Besides,it reduces the cost and increases the profit of the company.

Small businesses especially find online advertising cheap and effective.They can focus on their ideal customers and pay very little for the advertisements.

In a word,online advertising is a cheap and effective way of advertising,whose success has so far fully proved its great potential(潜力).

1.According to the first paragraph,buying things online is more __A__ .

A) convenient B) fashionable C) traditional D) reliable 2.Compared with any other way of advertising,online advertising __C__ .

A) attracts more customers B) displays more samples

C) offers more services D) makes more profits

3.Which of the following statements is TRUE of online advertising? __D__

A) It has taken the place of traditional advertising.

B) It will make the Internet technology more efficient.

C) It can help sell the latest models of digitalized products.

D) It can spread information without being limited by time.

4.Who can especially benefit from online advertising? __B__

A) Local companies.B) Small businesses.

C) Government departments.D) International organizations.

5.This passage is mainly about __D__ .

A) the function and the use of the Internet B) the application of digital technology

C) the development of small businesses D) the advantages of online advertising

Task 2

During our more than 60-year history,with our vast knowledge and experience,Trafalgar has created perfectly designed travel experiences and memories.

Exceptional value

Traveling with Trafalgar can save you up to 40%when compared with traveling independently.We can find you the right hotels,restaurants,and our charges include entrance

fees,tolls(道路通行费),etC)Because we’re the largest touring company with great buying power,we can pass on our savings to you.

Fast-track entrance

Traveling with us means no standing in line (排队)at major sights.Trafalgar takes care of all the little details,which means you are always at the front of the line.

Travel with like-minded friends

Because we truly are global,you will travel with English-speaking people from around the world,and that leads to life-long friendships.

Great savings

We provide many great ways to save money,including Early Payment Discount(折扣),Frequent Traveler Savings and more.

Fast check-in

Once your booking has been made,you are advised to check in online at our website and meet your fellow travelers before you leave.

6.Because of its great buying power,Trafalgar __B__ .

A) can find the cheapest restaurants B) can pass on its savings to tourists

C) takes tourists to anywhere in the world D) allows tourists to travel independently 7.Traveling with Trafalgar,tourists do not have to __C__ .

A) bring their passports with them B) pay for their hotels and meals

C) stand in line at major sights D) take their luggage with them 8.Traveling with Trafalgar,tourists may __B__ .

A) meet tour guides from different countries B) make new friends from around the world C) win a special prize offered by the company D) have a good chance to learn foreign languages

9.Which of the following is mentioned as a way to earn a discount? __A__

A) Early payment.B) Group payment.C) Office booking.D) Online booking.10.After having made booking,tourists are advised to check in __D__ .

A) at the hotels B) at the airport C) by telephone D) on the website

Task 3

Thank you for your interest in Calibre Cassette (盒式录音带) library. This letter tells you about our service. With it we are sending you an application form, so that you can join if you would like to try it.

Calibre library aims to provide the pleasure of reading to anyone who cannot read ordinary print books because of sight problems. We currently have over 7,000 books available for reading for pleasure, including 1,000 specially for children. All our books are recorded cover-to-cover on ordinary cassettes and can be played on any cassette player. They are sent and returned by post, free of charge.

When we receive your application, we will send you a book and an information tape. They will explain how to use the service. The easy way to use Calibre library is to tell us what sorts of books you like, and we will keep you supplied with books we think you will enjoy. Or you can send us a list of books you would like to read, and we will then send you books from this list whenever possible. In that case you will need to use our website, or buy one or more of our catalogues (目录).

11. According to the first paragraph, the library sends the application form to the readers so that they can ___D_____.

A) read ordinary books B) order cassette players

C) buy Calibre cassettes D) use the library service

12. Calibre library provides service mainly for people who suffer from ____C____.

A) hearing difficulties B) mental illnesses

C) sight problems D) heart troubles

13. The service of sending and returning books by post is ___C_____.

A) not available to children B) paid by the users

C) free of charge D) not provided

14. The easy way to use the library service is to ___B_____.

A) inform the library of your name and address B) tell the library the sorts of books you like

C) buy the catalogues of the library D) ask the library to buy the books

15. The main purpose of this letter is to ___A_____.

A) introduce the library’s service to readers B) recommend new books to the readers C) send a few catalogues to readers D) express thanks to the readers

Task 4

People in some countries cannot use their native language for Web addresses. Neither can Chinese speakers, who have to rely on pinyin. But last Friday, ICANN, the Web’s governing body, approved the use of up to 16 languages for the new system. More will follow in the coming years.

The Internet is about to start using the 16 languages of the world. People will soon be able to use addresses in characters (字符) other than those of the Roman alphabet (字母表). The change will also allow the suffix (后缀) to be expressed in 16 other alphabets, including traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

But there are still some problems to work out. Experts have discussed what to do with characters that have several different meanings. This is particularly true of Chinese.

Most experts doubt the change will have a major effect on how the Internet is used. “There will be some competition between companies to obtain popular words for addresses.”

16. For Web addresses, Chinese speakers now have to use ____A____.

A) pinyin B) signs C) numbers D) characters

17. The approval of the use of 16 languages by ICANN will allow web users to ___D_____.

A) change their email address B) email their messages in characters

C) have the chance to learn other languages D) use addresses in their own language

18. The new system will allow the suffix of a Web address to be expressed by ___C_____.

A) any native language B) figures and numbers

C) Chinese characters D) symbols and signs

19. Which of the following is one of the problems in using the new system? __A__

A) Certain characters have several different meanings.

B) Chinese is a truly difficult language to learn.

C) People find it difficult to type their address in characters.

D) Some experts think it is impossible to use Chinese characters.

20. Many experts do not believe that ___D_____.

A) there are still out

B) there will be competition to get popular addresses

C) companies are willing to change their web addresses

D) the change will affect the use of the Internet greatly

Task 5

Subways are underground trains,which usually operate 24 hours a day. They are found in larger cities and usually run between the suburbs and the downtown area. Maps and schedules are available from the ticket of rice. if you take the subway often,you can save money by purchasing a monthly pass(月票).

City-operated buses run on various routes(线路)and are designed to be at certain places at certain times. Maps and schedules may be posted at certain stops,or they may be available at local banks,libraries,the student union,or from the bus drivers. Buses run mainly during the day. Fare is paid by exact change in coins, or by monthly passes.

Taxis are generally more expensive in the United States than in other countries. If you use a taxi,be sure you ask the amount of the fare before you agree to ride. The driver usually expects a tip(小费)of 15 percent of the fare.

21. According to the passage, subways as underground trains, which usually run__D__.

A) within downtown areas B) away from city centers

C) in or outside big modern cities D) between suburbs and city centers

22. You can get the maps and schedules of the subways____D____.

A) at bus stations B) at local banks C) in any bookstores D) from the ticket offices

23. From the passage we learn that___C_____.

A) buses are always available in 24 hours B) bus riders have to buy monthly passes C) bus fare is paid by exact change in coins D) buses are the best means of transportation

24. When you take a taxi, you’d better___B_____.

A) buy a monthly pass B) ask about the fare first

C) agree on the amount of the tip D) pay by the exact change in coins

25. The passage mainly tells us about____C____.

A) the bus and train fares in the US B) the ways of paying taxi in the US

C) the public transportation in the US D) the advantage of subways in the US

Task 6

Letter 1

Dear Ann,

I am going to give a dinner party next month. I want my guests to enjoy themselves and to feel comfortable. What is the secret of giving a successful party?

Letter 2

Dear Mary,

Cook something that would let you spend time with your guests,If a guest offers to help you in

the kitchen,accept the offer. It often makes people feel more comfortable when they can help. Before serving dinner,while your guests make small talks in the living room,offer them drinks. Some guests may like wine,but make sure to provide soft drinks for people who don’t.

At the dinner table,let your guests serve themselves. Offer them a second serving after they finish, but don’t ask more than once. Most guests will take more if they want.

Perhaps the most important rule of all is to be natural. Treat your guests as you want them to treat you when you’re in their home—that is,act naturally toward them,and don’t try too hard to be polite. Have a good time in a pleasant atmosphere.

26. From the first letter we learn that Mary ___A_____ .

A) is asking for advice on giving a dinner party B) knows the secret of giving a pleasant party

C) is going to attend a dinner party D) has successfully held a party

27. Ann’s first piece of advice is that Mary should___D_____.

A) get the food ready before the guests arrive B) keep the guests away from the kitchen

C) spend some time with the guests D) accept the guests’ offer to help

28. Ann suggests that Mary offer drinks__A______.

A) while the guests are having small talks B) when all the guests have arrived

C) after the guests finish small talks D) after the dinner comes to an end

29. When having dinner,the guests are expected to___D_____.

A) eat their food slowly B) help the host serve food

C) serve each other at the table D) help themselves to more food

30. The most important rule for Mary to follow in treating her guests is to____B____.

A) be as polite as she can B) let them feel at home

C) prepare delicious food D) create a formal atmosphere

Task 7

Each time we produce a new English dictionary, our aim is always the same: what can we do to make the dictionary more helpful for students of English? As a result of our research with students and discussions with teachers, we decided to focus on providing more examples for this English dictionary.

Examples help students to remember the word they have looked up in the dictionary because it is easier both to remember and to understand a word within a context (上下文). The examples also show that words are often used in many different contexts. For these reasons, we have included 40 percent more examples in this new book.

We edit all the examples to remove difficult words and to make sure they are easier to understand.

We very much hope this new book will be of use not only to the students of English but also to the teachers.

31. The aim of the author in producing this new dictionary is to ___B_____.

A) correct mistakes in the old dictionary B) make it more helpful for students

C) increase the number of words D) add pictures and photos

32. A word is easier to remember and understand if it is ____D____.

A) included in a word list B) pronounced correctly

C) explained in English D) used in a context

33. What is special about this new dictionary? ___C_____

A) It is small and cheap. B) It has a larger vocabulary.

C) It has 40% more examples. D) It is designed for students and teachers.

34. The purpose of removing difficult words in the examples is to ___A_____.

A) make them easier to understand B) provide more useful words

C) introduce more contexts D) include more examples

35. The passage is most probably taken from ____C____.

A) a letter to the editor B) a comment on a novel

C) an introduction to a dictionary D) a news-report in the newspaper

Task 8

What is the better way of staying away from the cold winter days? Come out to our Hall Markets in the beautiful countryside, full of color, fun, music and delicious food! With over 350 stalls (摊位) selling wonderful home-made and home-grown goods, this will surely be a great day out.

The Hall Markets are held on the first Sunday of each month from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Hall Village. They are operated by Hartley Lifecare Co. Ltd. All the income will go to help and support service for people with disabilities (残疾).

V olunteers (志愿者) play an important part in the success and pleasant atmosphere at the Hall Markets. Hartley Lifecare is always grateful to have you serve as volunteers with the Hall Markets.

If you are interested in being one of our volunteers and spending a few hours with us each month, please contact us during business hours on 6260 5555.

36. According to the passage, the Hall Markets are held ___A_____.

A) in the countryside B) to attract volunteers

C) to promote winter sales D) by people with disabilities

37. There are over 350 stalls in the Hall Markets that ___C_____.

A) are operated by the disabled B) offer free food to volunteers

C) sell home-made goods D) are open day and night

38. The income made by the Hall Markets goes to ___B_____.

A) expand Hartley Lifecare Co. Ltd. B) support service for the disabled

C) create more fun for customers D) develop local economy

39. When are the Hall Markets open? ____A____

A) The first Sunday of each month. B) Every day from 10 am to 3 pm.

C) The first day of each month. D) Every weekend in winter.

40. This passage is written for the purpose of inviting ____D____.

A) tourists B) villagers C) businessmen D) volunteers

Task 9

Falls are the number one cause of death to old people at home. Most old people can live safely at home if they make a few changes. Falls are common as people are getting older. Up to half of home accidents could be prevented by making some very simple changes. Here are a few suggestions:

Mark trouble spots with bright tapes. The first and last steps on stairs are usually high-risk

accident areas. Applying bright tapes and using bright light in these areas would make these spots easier to see.

Put grab bars (扶手) in the bathroom. A large number of falls occur in the bathroom. This is unfortunate (不幸的) because it’s easy to make the area safe from accidents. Putting grab bars in the bathroom gives people something to hang on to.

Invest in a personal alarm. A personal alarm can be started if a person falls or otherwise gets in trouble. With the push of a button, the alarm automatically sends a signal, which gets someone to call and see if the person needs help.

41. By making some very simple changes at home, old people ____A____.

A) are free from home accidents B) can improve their health

C) are likely to live longer D) can live more safely

42. Last steps on stairs may become a high-risk accident area if they are ____B____.

A) not painted in a different color B) not marked with bright tapes

C) fixed with grab bars D) very brightly lit

43. Falls in the bathroom are considered to be unfortunate because ___A_____.

A) they can easily be avoided B) old people seldom fall in bathrooms

C) grab bars do not help to prevent falls D) bathroom accidents are difficult to prevent

44. A personal alarm is designed for old people to ___C_____.

A) detect safety conditions at home B) avoid falls in the bathroom

C) send out signals for help D) make phone calls easily

45. The purpose of this passage is to tell people that ____C____.

A) most old people die from accidents at home

B) up to half of home accidents could be prevented

C) falls at home can be avoided by taking some simple measures

D) protection of old people should be the first concern for the public

Task 10

We have created a special rate that will let you travel actually thousands of miles on your vacation at no extra cost.

In most of our US and Canadian offices, we’ll rent you cars of high quality for seven days for $99.

You can drive as far as you like without paying us a penny over the $99 as long as you return the car to the city from which you rented it. Insurance (保险) is included, gas is not.

If you rent the car in Florida or in California, the rate is the same, but you can return the car to any city in the state.

If you’d like some suggestions on what to do with the car once you’ve got it, we have driving and touring guides for almost every part of the country. No matter which rate you choose, the company comes at no extra cost. You don’t just rent a car. You rent a company!

46. According to the advertisement, $99 is the rate offered for ____B____.

A) traveling a limited distance B) renting a car for seven days

C) hiring a driving guide D) driving within a state

47. Which of the following is included in the car-renting rate? ____D____

A) Gas used. B) Car repairs. C) The hotel charge. D) Insurance fee.

48. The car-renting rate remains $99 if you ____D____.