18 drinks China can't live without

18 drinks China can't live without

Few can argue that baiju is China's most infamous drink. This omnipresent liquor is served liberally at banquets and stored on the shelves of convenience stores right next to the mineral water.

But toasting with 80-to-120-proof firewater with paint thinner undertones isn't everyone's idea of a refreshing beverage.

Not to worry, China has plenty more outlandish but delicious drinks to offer, from pearl milk tea to fermented rice wine.

Here are 18 beverages that keep the country refreshed.

Goes beautifully with lamb skewers.

1. Sinkiang Black Beer

Also known as Xinjiang Black Beer, this nutty-scented hooch hails from the Muslim grasslands in northwest China.

It has a strong flavor with a hint of brown sugar-like sweetness, like an American dark lager.

This ethnic ale goes well any Xinjiang meal, complementing lamb, cumin and other spices.